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About sport horses for sale UK

sporthorsesforsale.co.uk is an online marketplace developed especially for equestrian professionals.  The site is aimed at professional riders and those interested and involved in equestrian sports. The site was created by a competition level show jumper with over 15 years experience as a professional rider, competitor and also someone who has worked with some top horse breeders.




sporthorsesforsale.co.uk - dedicated to equestrian sports and sport horses

Our website only specialises in sport horses and is aimed at sport horse buyers and those interested and in involved in equestrian sports. We work with top breeders who advertise their dressage horses  for sale, show jumping horses for sale, western horses for sale, foals and youngers for sale and stallions on stud on our site making more interesting horses available to our users. 




Find top sport horses from the UK and also directly from German breeders

Our personal contacts in the industry mean that we are able to provide visitors to our website with the top sport horses in the market. On sporthorsesforsale.co.uk we will find the best sport horses in the UK and also from the leading dealers and breeders of sport horses in Germany. If you don't speak German, don't worry, our bi-lingual horse buying professionals are here to help if you have problems communicating with our German advertisers.






sporthorsesforsale.co.uk - 'the' top marketplace for equestrian professionals